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Hunt and Destroy Spray

Hunt and Destroy Spray

$8.15 USD

The spray acts as an information relay through your system. It helps to take down, dissolve and collapse everything that is not in alignment with who you authentically are. It provides feedback to your system, letting you know the areas, entities, events that need your attention or need some sort of action from you. 

It creates a safe place for you to rest knowing you are protected and safe. It works to rewrite your coding and programming, drawing back into your system your original blue print clearing it from any alteration or interference. Draws back into the body the nadial complex integrating it into the body appropriately. 

It creates a firewall and shields that works around the clock to keep you safe and secure and to prevent any other entities from interfering or attacking. 

The spray is custom made to the person. An email will be sent to you after you order to elaborate on possible scents. Feel free in the notes field to include any scents you don't like or would like added. 

Ingredients: Witch Hazel and Sterilized Water. 

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