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Defragmentation & Integration Spray

Defragmentation & Integration Spray

$7.25 USD

Defragmentation and Integration spray helps to draw back to you all that is authentically yours, no matter the circumstances of how it was taken or given away. The spray dissolves and clears everything that is ready to be released, including collapsing holographic realities/memories, timelines, and ways of being that are no longer serving you. It also helps to connect you more easily with your teams, guides and higher self. 

It works to bring balance back into the system, stabilizing your body so it works as one unit. It integrates back into the body that which is necessary and helps you to reach the next step in your journey. In that respect, it teaches you how to understand your system and how to understand your teams and guides. 

The spray is created when you order and is made specifically to work with your bodies, energies and system. 

Ingredients:  Sterilized Water and Witch Hazel. 

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