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The Alchemy of Herbs

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  • Eco Friendly Living

    Eco Friendly Living

    “Eco Friendly” has been a hyped word for a long time. So many products and stores have advertisements purporting eco friendly products and ways to make your life less impactful on the earth. I am no expert on this subject matter all I can offer is tips that I have found helpful in switching to habits and systems that friendlier to the planet. 

  • Adrenals, Krebs' Cycle, Low Blood Sugar and Exhaustion

    Adrenals, Krebs' Cycle, Low Blood Sugar and Exhaustion

    ADRENALS, KREB CYCLE, LOW BLOOD SUGAR AND EXHAUSTION   Before I start, some of this inf...

  • DIY Cleaning Product Recipes

    DIY Cleaning Product Recipes

    DIY Cleaning Products Blog contains a variety of different cleaning products for the home that are safe, effective and eco-friendly. The projects take less then 5 minutes to make. The recipes use common household ingredients with only a few containers that would need to be bought, but other then the containers all the ingredients can be easily found in most homes. Simple yet effective product to improve the health and well being of your home and the environment.

  • Packaging and Labeling

    Packaging and Labeling

    Products come with all sorts of different cautions, instructions and labels. So what does some of the verbiage on the labels actually mean and why are they there? Where can you find information on labeling? These questions and more are answered in this blog. 

    This blog is by no means directions or legal advice on how to properly label products or a directional on what should be in there. Please refer to your country’s specific regulations and websites and legal team to find that information. 

  • Herbal Salves

    Herbal Salves

    Salves are a wonder of the herbal world. So dynamic and utilitarian. Salves lend themselves to such creativity as the herbalists imagination is the only limit. Buy a salve to treat bruises or buy one to use as a perfume or cologne. The possibilities are endless.