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Wings Spray

Wings Spray

$8.65 USD

Wings Spray helps to heal and mend the DNA distortions from 6D-7D wing trauma timelines that caused the split in the astral identity. It goes through and  illuminates what needs to be cleared and healed including in the shadow selves, 666 seal and pain bodies which lead to addiction tendencies and ego related decisions. 

The spray also helps heal the schisms that were created in the timelines and properly realign and reconnect the vertical axiatonal lines and horizontal meridians. Thus activating the 6th dimensional 6th Chakra Indigo Ray with the 7th dimensional 7th Chakra Violate Ray building the Michael and Mary wings and starting the process of hierogamic union.

The spray clears and creates a safe space for the healing and integration to come through and a cohesive and coherent manner. 

Works great with the rollerball or alone. 

The spray is created when you order and is made specifically to work with your bodies, energies and system. So the essential oils are not listed because they will change per order. 

Ingredients:  Sterilized Water and Witch Hazel. 

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