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Light in Darkness Spray

Light in Darkness Spray

$5.75 USD

This spray is designed to help bring peace, joy and happiness back into your system. It provides a safe place for you to land when things get tough or when you have had enough. It holds you in compassion, grace and unconditional love helping you to work through at your pace and timing what you need to.

It reminds you that it is okay to feel exactly how you feel and be exactly who you are, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is perfectly fine that you might not be able to find or see the light, this spray will help provide the safety and support so when it is right you will be able to see the love, support and light that is around you.

This spray helps to collapse and dissolve everything that isn't for your highest good or in alignment with your true essence. It creates a firewall and shields that constantly run to help protect and secure your dynamics. It also teaches you how to understand and read the information being provided to you. 

The spray is custom made when you order. Please check your email once you order for more details on the scents and possibilities. 

Ingredients: Sterilized Water and Witch Hazel 

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