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Light in Darkness Spray

Light in Darkness Spray

$5.75 USD

The spray acts as a clearing agent and a shield to clear the area around you and your bodies creating a permanent bugger field of non-interference and helping to boost your shield shoring up any weak points, holes, or tears. 

The spray makes room for memories, timelines, body parts, energies etc... to come through, defragment and integrate as is appropriate for your system. It also illuminates and highlights coding in your body that is corrupted or infiltrated allowing you and your teams to clear and fix what is needed.

The spray illuminates entities, timelines, habits, thought forms, patterns etc... that are no longer serving your highest good and are not of Christ Consciousness. Thus allowing you to heal and clear what is for your highest good. 

When added to the rollerball this also creates a container around entities, coding and technologies making it so that they can no longer affect your system and keep them from hiding or penetrating any further into the bodies. 

This works with your system and only provides what is needed or necessary for your system. 

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