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Super Soldier Program Online Course

Super Soldier Program Online Course

$150.00 USD

The newest class is Saturday February 4th and Sunday February 5th running from 1000 (PST) to approximately 1400 (PST). 

The Super Soldier Program Online Course offers a unique opportunity to uncover the truth behind the long standing Galactic and Earth-based program that attempts to separate individuals from source and their autonomy.

The live training covers topics such as identifying controlling parties, protecting against them, signs and symptoms of soldiers and handlers, and tools for healing and dealing with trauma.

The class is taught from the perspective of a former soldier and includes perspectives from others who have been a part of the program as well as healers who have worked on those in The Program. This unique setup enables discussions and different perspectives.

The class is recorded and sent out via DropBox, and ongoing trainings will be available for free to those who have completed the class. 

Sign up now and watch your email for the class link.

If there are any questions feel free to reach out via email to or DM me via Instagram @alchemydragonherbs. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. 

There are discount codes you can use for the training:

SSP: 15% off

Galaxy: 25% off

Soldier: 50% off

SLD: 100% off

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