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Super Soldier Program Online Course

Super Soldier Program Online Course

$125.00 USD

The class starts Saturday October 8th and Sunday October 9th from 1000 (PST) to 1400 (PST) or 10:00 AM (PST) to 2:00 PM (PST). 

Welcome to the Super Soldier Program Online Course. So excited that you decided to check this course out. 

The Super Soldier Program is a long standing Galactic and Earth based program that attempts to separate the person/entity from Source and from themselves. It in essence creates a slavery system where the person/entity is no longer in charge of their own dynamics including their body, thoughts, ascension, etc… In simple terms the Program makes the person/entity a slave to the controlling parties negating any autonomy of the person. 

The live training covers the topics of:

* Who the controlling parties are, how to identify them and how to protect against them

* Further explanation on what the Program is and the sister/partner programs that run in parallel to it

* Signs and symptoms you are dealing with a Soldier or Handler and how to help them

* How to identify Alien Technology and deactivate it

* Coding how to read it and work with it

* Connection between the Military, LE and The Program

* Tips and tools for healing and dealing with trauma

It is a live class which enables discussions and overviews of different perspectives. The class offers the ability to hear from soldiers themselves as well as healers who have healed those who are part of the program. 

The class will be uploaded into your SkillSuite course after the class along with copies of the PowerPoint. I encourage people to print them out or save them if need be. 

An email will be sent out a week before the course begins with the link to the class, so watch your email. 

When you sign up for the class please include an email as that is how the class link and information goes out. 

This course is ongoing and will always be done live. Once you have taken the course, you then have free access to future Super Soldier trainings. If you miss one day, you can always see it on SkillSuite or next training session hop on and view the parts you missed.  

If there are any questions feel free to reach out via email to or DM me via Instagram @alchemydragonherbs. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. 

There are discount codes you can use for the training:

SSP: 15% off

Galaxy: 25% off

Soldier: 50% off

SLD: 100% off

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