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Hunt and Destroy Spray

Hunt and Destroy Spray

$8.15 USD

Hunt and Destroy spray goes through and rewrites coding that was corrupted, rebuilds pathways and bodies and brings to light areas that need your attention.

The sprays also helps to collapse timelines and integrate where appropriate. The unique point about the spray is it is also programmed to create a permanent buffer field of non-interference on all that is being returned to your body. It creates a field or housing around you so that entities and energies cannot interfere with the integration or processing of information. 

The spray works with your bodies and energy to provide exactly what is necessary or needed for you at your point in the journey. 

It is created based on your dynamics which is why the scents are not listed.

When you order I will be in contact with you via email so that you are aware of the scents before I make and send the product out. 

Ingredients: Witch Hazel and Sterilized Water. 

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