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Heart Flame Room and Body Spray

Heart Flame Room and Body Spray

$9.10 USD

This spray helps to connect the hearts of all bodies and all combinations to infuse love, forgiveness through the timelines and universes. This brings in unconditional love for yourself helping you to see and feel how loved and supported you are. 

It also opens and expands the High Heart reconnecting and clearing the Crystal Heart within the light body and connecting back into the love of Father and Mother and the Christo Sophia, helping to create an atmosphere of love and understanding for the child and person you once were and the person you are now becoming.

It creates an atmosphere of kindness and love, where there is no judgement just understanding and support. Thus creating a space to let go of what once was and love all that you are now and were then. 

This is an excellent choice for when you feel lost, alone, broken and beyond love because you are not too hard to love, you are perfect and deserving of love and kindness. Let this spray help you to realize that. 

NOTE: There is no scent listed as I customize the scent to the customer. Meaning each person who orders gets something different that works with them and their system. 

Ingredients: Sterilized Water and Witch Hazel 

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