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Galactic Healing Session

Galactic Healing Session

$195.00 USD

The 75 minute healing session provides an opportunity to dig deeper into your healing journey. To shift and change the things you have wanted to and to process out and shift out of held programming or programs that are currently running for you. Prime opportunity to revamp you natural coding and realign with who you truly are. 

The session are held via Zoom. I also offer sessions that are not "live" or face to face. With this one, you choose the time you would like the session to occur. I will reach out before the session to get further details. Then at the time you chose I will begin working on you and when I am done will send you a synopsis via email of what was done and explanations for it all. Excellent option for those who might have a difficult time in healing through Zoom. 

An email is required as that is where the Zoom link and information is sent to so please include that when you sign up. 

Zoom sessions are recorded if so desired and sent to you afterwards. I still provide a written description of what occurred and was found along with the recording. 

Currently sessions are only on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from starting at 1000hrs and ending at 1800hrs. 

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