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Wings Spray

Wings Spray

$8.65 USD

Wings Spray helps to balance the body, brining into alignment the system as a whole. Helping to bring the masculine and feminine back into balance, supporting that which needs the support and releasing that which needs to be released.

It assists in brining in your true essence, who you truly are and help you in expanding and growing into the direction and space you want to. It helps to bring back into the body that which should be integrating and updating the body as it does so. 

Dissolves all timelines, histories, holographic realities and memories. Clears the central channel and helps build the communication channels making it easier to communicate with your higher self, guides and teams. 

Brings in the support and love from Mother, Father and the Christos Sophia further supporting the expansion and balance of the body. 

The spray is custom made for the person. Feel free in the notes field to include any scents you would like to have included. I will communicate with you via email concerning the spray and the scents involved. 

Ingredients:  Sterilized Water and Witch Hazel. 

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