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Harvest Spice Lip Balm

Harvest Spice Lip Balm

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Say goodbye to chapped lips and hello to autumnal bliss with a "Harvest Spice" lip balm!

Imagine strolling through a cozy forest, leaves crunching beneath your boot, and the air filled with the enchanting scent of cinnamon, black spruce, and zesty orange. 

Introducing "Harvest Spice" lip companion. It's a lip balm that captures the essence of the season, like a warm hug for your lips!

With every application, you"ll experience a medley of all flavors. First, the spicy embrace of cinnamon will tingle your lips, followed by the fresh, woodsy notes of black spruce, and finally, the citrusy burst of orange, like a sip of warm cider on a crisp day. 

But "Harvest Spice" isn't just about flavor; it's designed to keep your lips soft and supple. Whether you're sipping warm cider, raking leaves, or cozying up by the fireplace, this lip balm has got your covered. 

So pucker up for autumn! Get your "Harvest Spice" lip balm today and let your lips savor the magic of the season. 

Ingredients: Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Grapeseed and Sunflower Oil, Essential Oils [Cinnamon, Spruce and Orange].

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