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What In The World Is Emu Oil!?

Written by CoEvolve Digital Collaborator


Posted on April 06 2019

The main benefits of emu oil is its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. In addition, Emu oil stimulates the skin cells to help heal wounds. It is the combination of the deep penetrating and skin cell activating that help Emu Oil repair the skin, including preventing keloids-aka the over-activation of scar tissue. Obviously before trying any remedies please consult a physician. 

Because Emu Oil is incredibly hydrating and deeply penetrating it is often mixed into lotions and other oils to help them penetrate deeper. A benefit that surprised me was the insect repelling benefits it has. If applied before going outside, it can help repel insects due to the substance terpene that is found in the oil. As insects cannot stand the smell of terpene, Emu Oil thus prevents insects from bugging you. 

The oil is also great for piercings and as stated before to prevent keloids. Wait 2-3 weeks after new piercings to apply. Piercings naturally secrete white or yellow thin liquid which helps it to heal, emu oil will impede this natural process and can seal in infection if used too soon. Always follow your piercers aftercare advice.

Who knew Emu Oil had so many benefits including repelling insects!