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The Wonders of Chickweed

Written by CoEvolve Digital Collaborator


Posted on April 07 2019

Chickweed, an herb with natural amazing properties and quite the history. In folklore Chickweed was used in relationships to not only promote fidelity and maintain relationships but to also attract love. Attracting love was just the beginning, it doesn't just attract love it attracts the perfect love, which is why many used to use it in love sachets and spells.

In terms of its natural properties, Chickweed is one of the rare herbs that actually stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, which helps to repair skin. The herb is a phenomenal anti-inflammatory and  anti-bacterial, the reason being Chickweed eliminates the underlying infection, which is also why it is considered a drawing herb. Chickweed, just like Calendula, works quickly on repairing wounds which can cause itchiness due to the rapidness of healing. The feeling is almost the same in terms of the wound healing fast and the wound being infected. The difference comes in, with the look and feel of the wound. Infected wounds will have yellowish/green discharge, be hot to the touch or feel burning or hot, and will have raises puffy red skin around it while itching like mad. Fast healing wounds can have some discharge which will normally be white, there is no burning or warm sensation and the skin around the wound is pink but can still be slightly raised. I am not a doctor so please consult a physician with any wound care issues. 

If drinking as a tea please follow the instructions on the box. Chickweed is a diuretic, although a mild one it can still cause digestive issues if taken over extended periods of time. However, it also helps build the mucous membrane of the digestive tract helping in elevating common systems of digestive disorders. 

Chickweed is excellent for lip balms, especially for those with dry cracked lips. You can draw on the energy of chickweed in Energy Healing, to assist in finding and healing the root causes of issues.

What a jack of all trades in terms of an herb.