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Stress and Anxiety Support With Stones

Written by CoEvolve Digital Collaborator


Posted on April 06 2019

Although the Mercury Retrograde ended on March 28th, we are still in the Mercury Retrograde Shadow until April 16th. Often the shadow phase can feel just as strong as the retrograde. So if you are still feeling anxious, spaced out, lost, frustrated, etc... know that will dissipate on the 16th. In the meantime the following stones will help in this transition time.

Red Agate: Red Agate is a phenomenal protection stone. It is best known for its ability to allow the wearer to stay grounded in stressful or emotional times. The stone completely rebalances and harmonizes all aspects of your being.

Citrine: This is a calming and warming stone. Its energy naturally uplifts the wearer and brings enlightenment, optimism and clarity. Citrine also assists in making dreams a reality. The stone transmutes and dissipates negative energy and because it doesn't absorb negative energy it doesn't need to be cleared.

Black Tourmaline: This is a powerful grounding stone and is used to protect against negative energies. The stone works externally and internally, transmuting negative thoughts, emotions, experiences into positive energy. This stone also protects against electronic interferences. Black Tourmaline acts as an additional shield. Personally, I have exploded numerous black tourmaline bracelets as it has taken the hit instead of me. On the stone on the left, there are white spots, that is where the stone once again absorbed the negative impact for me. Ideal for an extra layer of protection and grounding.

Apache Tears: This stone, like Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energy and transmutes it to positive energy. Best known for its ability to help heal from emotional distress. Apache Tears also provide the ability to recognize that which is not for your highest good. The meaning of their name comes from an American Indian legend. It was said that certain members of the Apache Tribes were pursued by the Cavalry, and although they fought bravely they were outnumbered. Rather than be captured they jumped off the cliff to their deaths. The distraught women of the tribe cried dark tears of grief, which fell to the earth, and formed into the stones. It is believed that their tears formed into reality as these unusual stones, so people will always remember what happened. (Apache Tear Story)