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Nettles Health Benefits

Written by CoEvolve Digital Collaborator


Posted on April 06 2019

Who knew a plant that causes you to itch so dramatically was such a power house of benefits. It is a multitasking powerhouse of an herb. It is a blood tonic, astringent, diuretic, hypotensive (sedative), anti-inflammatory, styptic (stops bleeding), and urinary tract tonic. If that is not enough, it also acts as an anti-histamine agent when taken regularly.

I am not a doctor so please consult a physician before trying. If symptoms are already present drink three 8oz cups spread out over an hour. It takes 30 min for the ant-histamine agents to take effect. As a general tonic and to keep allergies at bay, drink two or three 8oz cups per day. Can be flavored with honey or violet leaves. If you already have high iron and/or potassium levels please do not use. Use for one month continuously then take a break for 2-3 weeks. It is a diuretic and will cause issues if taken in large quantities over extended periods. 

Nettle Tea (I lack a better word for this) can also be used to help arthritic hands. As a caution, where gloves when harvesting and handling the nettle leaves. After harvesting, boil the nettle for 15-20 minutes, take out the nettle (still using gloves) either throw it away or compost it, and let the water cool to a touchable temperature. It works better when it is warm, but not so warm it burns. Soak your hands in the water for 15-20 minutes, which can help to relieve the arthritic pain. Again, I am going to remind the reader, I am not a doctor, so please use caution and consult a physician before trying. 

Nature is truly amazing as it provides not only plants (like Stinging Nettle) that can irritate and burn but also its remedy. Most of the time Yellow Dock can be found growing next to Stinging Nettle. To get the benefits of Yellow Dock, roll the leaf of yellow dock between between your fingers to crush it, then cover the area of the itching and burning with the juicy pulp left over, and the irritation will subside. A word of caution, Yellow Dock is poisonous to both dogs and humans if taken internally, please do not digest!