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Hybrid Mint Called Peppermint

Written by CoEvolve Digital Collaborator


Posted on April 07 2019

Peppermint has long been known for its digestive properties and often combined in medication to make the medication palatable. Peppermint, however, is more than just a digestive herb, it is an herb with multi functions and powers.  

Peppermint is actually a hybrid of watermint and spearmint. It is these combined mints that allow it to have such a powerful digestive benefit. Along with that is its incredible power to provide relief from pain, headaches specifically. The menthol in the Peppermint increases the blood flow and provides a cooling sensation, which can also lead to easing pain. 

On hot summer days soaking a wet towel in Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Spearmint and then wiping the skin will provide an immediate cooling effect to the body. When fevers hit, doing the same thing but laying the towel on the forehead not only eases the nausea but can also help cool the fever.

If that is not enough, dried crushed Peppermint leaves are an effective styptic (stops bleeding) and antibacterial. If you have fresh Peppermint, pick the amount you want to use. Preheat oven to 170. Wash Peppermint and dry it with a towel, it doesn't have to be completely dry. Put the Peppermint in a single layer on a cookie sheet and let bake for 2-3 hours. Watch carefully as sometimes it can take less time. When baked let cool and crumble into a mason jar and store in a cool dry place. When needed shred the Peppermint into a fine powder using an herb grinder and apply on cut. Let sit for 5 minutes, apply more if needed. Gently wash off with cold water or a cold water soaked paper towel. As stated so many times before, I am not a doctor please seek medical advice for any injuries. 

For those suffering from bloating, gas or massive stomach upset combine 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of ground ginger or powdered ginger, and 8 oz of Peppermint tea. Either sip slowly or gulp down. Some don't like the taste or feel of baking soda so gulping helps. This will provide almost instantaneous relief. As alway please consult a physician for any health issues.