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Jasmine Matcha Face Scrub
Jasmine Matcha Face Scrub

Jasmine Matcha Face Scrub

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This organic face scrub is not only gentle on the skin but healing as well. Packed with nutrients from matcha, green tea and rose hips this scrubs can help to soothe irritated and red skin and clear clogged pores. 

The matcha and black walnut hulls help safely exfoliate the skin and provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties helping to heal the areas that need the extra love. Green tea adds the extra punch of calming and anti-inflammatory properties soothing out skin and irritations. 

Jasmine lends its wound healing abilities along with its calming and uplifting capabilities to help lift the mood and brighten the day. 

The oils infused with the herbs and flowers help to bring moisture back to the skin, leaving the skin glowing and moisturized without irritation.  

This scrub is a great addition to your morning or evening routine. 

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