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Etheric Coding Class

Etheric Coding Class

$375.00 USD

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of coding and understand how it can be used to impact reality? Look no further! Our class is designed to help you understand and engage with coding in a way that is tailored to your needs. 

Just as there are different languages used to understand and express the world around us, coding is a unique way of engaging and interpreting reality. 

Whether you're interested in using coding for everyday tasks or even for healing, this class will provide you with the tools you need to succeed. 

This class is held via Zoom, and each session last for approximately 3 hours. It is held once a month for 6 months, starting on March 4th. And don't worry, if you can't make it to a class all sessions will be recorded and sent to you via DropBox. 

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday March 4th: 1000 (PST) to 1300 (PST)

Saturday April 8th: 1000 (PST) to 1300 (PST)

Saturday May 6th: 1000 (PST) to 1300 (PST)

Saturday June 10th: 1000 (PST) to 1300 (PST)

Saturday July 1st: 1000 (PST) to 1300 (PST)

Saturday August 12th: 1000 (PST) to 1300 (PST)

Saturday September 2nd: 1000 (PST) to 1300 (PST)

Each class builds on the previous one, and you will be provided with exercises and practices that can be done between classes to help build your skills. 

So don't wait, sign up today and take the first step towards understanding the power of coding. 

When signing up please make sure to include a valid email as that will be what is used to send the class link as well as the material for the class. 

There are discount codes that can be used when signing up, just enter one at check out and it will automatically deduct the price for you:

CODE: 75% Off

ECODE: 60% Off

SIGCODE: 50% Off


If there are any questions I can always be reached via email at or you can DM me on Instagram @alchemydragonherbs

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